Sedona Wedding Film – Kristina + Derek
December 13, 2015

Sedona Wedding






Kristina and Derek traveled all the way from Missouri to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate their special day. They chose to have their ceremony at Sky Ranch, a wonderfully tranquil venue perfect for a wedding celebration. Situated at Sedona’s highest point with expansive views that reach the horizon over 70 miles away. Talk about a beautiful destination wedding. It was breathtaking to say the least!

But if you really want to talk about breathtaking, check out Kristina in that dress! She looked absolutely stunning! With the delicate floral detailing, beading, satin belt and back strap. She couldn’t have chosen a more fitting gown. She wore her hair pulled to the side with vintage curls and a birdcage veil that really tied together her look. Derek looked equally as handsome in a paisley button up and brown vest that was perfect for a fall wedding.

Surrounded by family and loved ones in an intimate setting. You could really feel the love that Derek and Kristina share. As Phoenix wedding videographers, we were honored to be able to capture these unforgettable moments at this beautiful Sedona wedding!

Congratulations Derek and Kristina!!



Videography: Ryan and Jodi with Everlasting Cinema

Photography: Kevin and Tina with Sierra Blanco Photography

Venue:  Sky Ranch Sedona, Arizona

Hair and Makeup:  Patricia Vega with

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