Is It Worth Having a Videographer at Your Wedding?
September 7, 2022

“Not having a videographer is today’s bride’s biggest regret.”

That’s a quote from a bridal magazine a few years ago. Is it still true?

The average cost of a wedding videographer (depending on where you’re located) is around $1600. To the average person, that’s not a small amount.

We aren’t here to suggest you take out a loan for a wedding video. But if it’s within your means, we have a few good reasons why it’s worth hiring a wedding videographer.

You Won’t See Everything

It’s impossible to see it all on your big day.

There’s so much happening. You’re getting ready, making sure everyone else is ready, checking to see that all the pieces are in place.

Plus, there’s nerves! You can easily miss little things while you’re in your own head.

Your wedding video can capture some of the things you miss. Go back and see the small details, the place, the people. A tear. A smile.

Video Shows Emotions

Oh the wedding day emotions!!

And not just your emotions, the emotions of all your guests and your partner.

Watching the video, you’ll feel it all again. All the love your guests have for you. All the love you and your partner have for each other.

Using Friends or Family

That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone. Especially someone that should be enjoying the celebration. Let them enjoy the day too!

Hiring someone to take care of the video means your guests can enjoy the wedding and be in the moment.

And nowadays, videos are easily sharable on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. So, all your guests will have access to them.

Re-Watch Whenever You Want

Your wedding is one day. With video, that day is frozen in time. You won’t watch it every day. Maybe you’ll only watch it once a year. But it’s a special day that changed the course of your life forever. And with video you can relive it any time you want.

Like we said, don’t go into debt for a wedding video. But if you can manage it, it’s really worth it.

And if you’re looking for a wedding videographer, here’s a little more about us:

Everlasting Cinema is owned by us (Ryan and Jodi MacKenzie).

We are travel enthusiasts, Mom and Dad to 3 amazing kiddos, and Wedding Film makers since 2015!

Everlasting Cinema is a Phoenix, Arizona-based business specializing in the production of cinematic wedding films. Operated by a talented team of award-winning cinematographers, we are dedicated to preserving your wedding day using unique storytelling techniques. We make a point to establish genuine relationships, taking inspiration from you and your partners’ one-of-a-kind style and personality.

Services Offered

We at Everlasting Cinema offer a comprehensive selection of services, and all packaging is “a la carte” for your convenience. We have multiple film options, and even offer services like Aerial Footage, Photo Booth, Live-Streaming, same-day edits, and much more! Each collection will be customized according to your specific needs. All professionally edited footage will be delivered via online link where you can easily download your films. As an added incentive, Everlasting Cinema travels to your destination, no matter where you are in the world, with some totally unbeatable travel rates!

We are honored to capture love for a living. Let us know if your love story is next!


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