Jewish Wedding Videography
August 11, 2022

As a Jewish couple, you’ll want your traditions incorporated in your wedding. Traditions you can look back on in your Wedding Video.

The Jewish Faith has many beautiful Wedding Traditions. Standing under the chuppah during the ceremony for example, or the bride circling the groom.

You’ll usually see the Seven Blessings, called the Sheva B’rachot read in both Hebrew and English. And as the ceremony comes to an end, the groom will step on glass.

The breaking of glass is a well-known Jewish Tradition, but you might not know why.

Some say it represents the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Others say it shows that marriage holds sorrow as well as joy and is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another even in hard times.

In many cases, the broken glass is collected after the ceremony and made into some kind of memento. What a beautiful tradition!

If you’re a Jewish Couple on the verge of marriage, you’ll want to capture all this in the Wedding Video.

You’ll want to look back on this day of your union and remember the love, but also the meaning behind these traditions. The foundation on which your love was built.

That was the goal with this week’s Wedding Video, to capture the joy, the love, and the traditions.

Without further ado, here are the videos for Brian and Arianna’s Wedding:

Brian & Arianna’s Teaser Video

Brian & Arianna’s Highlight Video

If you’re planning a Jewish Wedding, and you’re in need of vendors, check out the ones that took part in this wedding. They did an amazing job!!


Venue: Chateau Luxe

Planner: Tie the Knot by Tessa

Photo: NVS Photography

Videography: Everlasting Cinema

Mazel Tov to your own beautiful wedding!!

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