Desert Foothills Wedding Film
August 14, 2018

Desert Foothills Wedding

Desert Foothills Wedding

We absolutely loved being apart of this beautiful Desert Foothills wedding! Brittany and Brett along with their family and friends are such an upbeat and fun group! Because of that, we wanted to make their highlight film fun and upbeat too! So we did just that and we think their film reflects their personalities perfectly! 


The beautiful Sonoran Desert and towering saguaros surrounded Brittany and Brett’s ceremony. As Brittany walked down the aisle, Brett and all the guests were blown away by how stunning she looked! Once she reached Brett, the ceremony begun!

One of our favorite parts of the ceremony is the branding of their last names on a piece of wood. We think it’s so special to create that during the ceremony. Now they’ll always have a piece of their ceremony in their home!

With that, they sealed the ceremony with a kiss and became Mr. and Mrs. Fouts!!


Their reception was held in the 10,000 square foot rustic ‘barn’ that was built over 20 years ago! The barn was also made out of old telephone poles!

Each table was beautifully decorated with rustic wood and sunflowers! Their desert table was also decorated but with cupcakes!

As the bridal party was introduced into the reception, one of the groomsmen had switched his suit with one of the bridesmaid’s dress making the whole room explode with laughter!!

After dinner, every guest was on the dance floor celebrating Brittany and Brett’s perfect day! Seriously not one chair was filled once the dance floor opened, it was amazing!

We are so happy to make a film for this amazing couple! Their wedding day was beyond perfect and not only did we have a blast but so did every guest! Congrats Brittany and Brett!




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