Capture Your Wedding Moments
July 27, 2022

A Wedding Videographer is one of the most important services to have at your wedding.

If the videographer doesn’t do a good job, there’s no going back, there’s no take twos.

Do your research. Look at example videos. Pay someone that’ll do a good job.

A Good Wedding Video

A good wedding video will capture all the parts of your wedding that are most important to YOU.

Maybe you want to focus on the people that came to share that day with you. See all the faces. Faces that may not always be here.

Maybe you want to hear your vows. Time has a way of diluting a memory. We do a great job of recording audio and adding it to the wedding video.

Maybe you want to hear a specific part of the service. That’s what Alex and Becca wanted in this week’s example.

They wanted to hear the part that was the most important to them. The part that would remind them forever of how they felt that day.

These special words, combined with the love these two share made for an extraordinary video.

A Beautiful Example

Here’s a look at Alex and Becca’s Teaser Video as well as their Highlight Video.

This is when they turned the page in the book that is their own personal history. They have been many things in their lives, but now they are “husband” and “wife”.

Highlight Film

Teaser Film

Special Thanks

We want to thank Alex and Becca for letting us capture these beautiful moments.

And also, a big thanks to all the vendors that made this wedding possible:

Venue: Villa Siena

Catering: Magic Touch Catering

Ceremony Musician: Encore Quartet

DJ: Ray the DJ

Photographer: Karlee K Photography

Florals: Blume Florals

Cake: Piece of cake


We have many more example videos on the Featured Films page of our website, as well as on our Social Media Pages. Feel free to check them out and reach out if you’re in need of someone to capture the beauty of your wedding.

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