Wedding Videographer’s Diary… Best Friends Become One – Libby & Carter Tie the Knot
July 22, 2022


What Started Out as Friendship, Turned into a Love Story…

How does a friendship turn into the most beautiful love story? We’re so glad we got to witness this real-life love story and get to share it with all of you.

Libby and Carter grew up a few miles apart, going to the same schools, with the same mutual friends. And yet, God didn’t bring them together right away.

They had separate journeys to trek. Separate lessons to learn. They lived whole lives on their own. Close to one another, forming a friendship, but not dating, not even considering it.

The timing wasn’t right until they became the people they are today.

That’s when it all changed. One day, God let Carter see Libby for the first time. Really see her. She was dancing with their friends, and her face had a glow about it he’d never seen before. Until that moment, he had no idea she was the love of his life. And every moment after, he’d never forget.


And Now

These separate journeys, starting so close, moving so far away, led right back to one another.

It led to the day they joined hands and hearts and got married.

Carter wants to give Libby the world. Once he realized she was the love of his life, he began working towards that. He started by giving her his heart during this perfect ceremony.

According to Libby, his heart is one of the things she loves most about him. He loves people in a pure and real way. And she gets to be the one he loves the most. She accepted the ties to his heart and his hand on their wedding day.

In the videos we captured, you’ll see this love story play out. You’ll feel their love through the camera.

Thank you, Libby and Carter, for allowing us to be part of your special day.

Without further ado, here are both the teaser video, and the highlight videos of Libby and Carter, and their divine love story:

Teaser Video

Highlight Video

A special thanks to all the vendors that came together to make this wedding possible and for the Venue, Superstition Manor. This was a gorgeous venue in Mesa, AZ that allowed us to take incredible videos.

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